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Self-Realization Affirmation Cards


Cards of Spirituality

"The path to transformation begin with the first step."

"Spirituality means loving myself, even when I am angry, sad, jealous, resentful or judgmental.  God is present in every corner of me"

Cards of Healing

"There are many layers to my psyche.  Each time i dig a little deeper, more treasure unfolds"

"By Pruning the dead leaves of the tree of my life, I nurture that which lives"

"I AM a willing participant in the affairs of my life."

 Cards of Inspiration

"When the consciousness of humanity wishes to heal the planet, the idea of separation can no longer exist."

"I listen to the call of my Spirit as it longs to spread its wings."

"The truth of me lies in the here and now."

Cards of Communication

"My Spirit shines brighter each time I face my fears."

"Let the ego or small self go and see through the eye of Spirit."

"Surrendering means allowing my inner self to emerge and grow."


Each affirmation written on these 4 sets of cards has a home in the "innate intelligence" within the cells of our bodies.  They are "notes" of harmonic accord.  Allow them to resonate, heal and affirm the you of you.  On the back of each card is the symbol of "The Ancients", which held to your chest creates balance within.

The cost for all four sets, containing 64 affirmations each is $45.00.  Each deck is sold separately for $13.00.  To order please email Shirley Catanzaro.  480-585-0184

I would like to thank my dear friend, Brian Carter for helping design the Logo for my cards, The Ancients gave the directions and Brian as always created it to perfection.  

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