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We the Ancients welcome you to the Sacred Circle, the ever-expanding wheel of life that has no beginning or no end.   

Illusion vs. Reality

By Shirley Catanzaro

 Illusion:  Fantasy, False Impression, Fallacy, Mistaken Belief
Reality:  Authenticity, Truth, Genuineness, Certainty

What crosses do you bear and how they have come to define your reality? 

Oftentimes we are unwilling to put down our crosses or illusions because without them we would have no identity.   

This quest to find my answers propelled me to ask in meditation the Christ energy how it was able to keep clear when so much chaos was around and what was its truth, what was its illusion then?  I drifted off to sleep at that time and was taken on a spectacular journey.  I found myself in beautiful surroundings which began to turn into obstacles, a green field able to see for miles then turned into a blizzard like condition with no way out, next I was in the mountains with stunning and fantastic views, only to have them turn and box me in with no way out, there were other scenes that carried the same theme and my body began to feel trapped and fearful.  Then I heard a voice that told me:  “Just touch the fear, just reach out with your finger and dissolve it.”  I felt it the voice of Love and I did just as I was asked and with that the dooming scenes turned back into those of dazzling beauty. 

 The voice continued to share with me:  “There was a myth created around the Christ being that has been carried forward these many years and that was that the Christ was a victim to those who feared him.  The truth is that before coming into existence the Christ energy came to share its love, to teach us acceptance of one another, and to forgive those that caused injustice.”  The voice continued to share with me that:  “Somewhere in the telling of the Christ story a mythical story began that the Christ had died for our sins and we have carried it like a cross these many years.” 

 It then shared with me that in the constant retelling of our own personal history, many myths began to create an illusion which we saw as our truth.  I am sure many of us hear a story told by someone and in the retelling of it we add our own twist or how we heard it.  By the time the story has been told 10+ times you would most likely not recognize it as the simple story told to you at first. 

  I would ask you to go back into the catacombs of your psyche story and seek out the illusions built in time, so you might dissolve any pain you have carried and just possibly close the books on the past.  Begin anew to redefine yourself in who you are right now.  We know by reading history books we often find things we want to challenge, I ask the same of you as you read your story, challenge the fallacies, find your realities and you will find the courage to live in the present.

“History, despite its wrenching pain, cannot be unlived, but if faced with courage, need not be lived again.”  
Maya Angelou

Each day as I begin my Medicine Wheel walk, one of the first things I do is surrender my ego, my doubts, my fears and the voice asked me to share with you to “also surrender our illusions”, those pictures that we have used to embellish our stories.  So, I thank you for allowing this lengthy discourse.  I am in the process of sifting thru the pages of my life story and letting go of those things I have used to protect my injured little child all of these years.  I would ask the same of you my friends, for how else can we end years of subjugation to those relics of the past that have allowed us to entomb ourselves.  Let us hold sacred space for each of us to find our truth.

Blessings and Love,

Shirley Catanzaro

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