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Spiritual Hierarchy  

We the Ancients of the Spiritual Hierarchy are here once again to speak of enlightenment. 

Children of God know that you are loved eternally and wholly.  As we sit here in observation of each precious one of you, there has never been a time that we have looked at you as less that God. Each one of you, each sentient being has a place among us.  We are behind the illusory veils formed by separateness.   

There was once a time when you knew we were here without a doubt.  You spoke with us, you played with us, and you knew you were loved.  Then came a time when that began to cease for you.  Many of you were told we were figments of your imagination, that we were the devil, and that we did not exist.  And so the separation began, for if you were to be a part of your family, a part of your church, and a part of society at all, you must adjust to their standards.  Within you a symbolic death occurred between us.  In order for you to be part of “society”, you went along with their struggles to make us non-existent.  Deep within you the memory was stored.  We recognized that one-day you would begin to remember us and want to have a relationship with us once again.  To each of you it may feel like it has been a lifetime, to us it has been a moment. 

For you see dear ones, you have never been alone, even through all those years of your time you felt separate from us, we have been there.  You may have felt us as a whisper, a soft caress, a chill, or a sense of everything being all right.   

At all times you have had free will.  Judging you is not a part of our job, for Creator has created youWith God there is no right or wrong, good or bad.  It is all about choice; it is all about experience.  Creator has never said, “I will watch them and when they do something considered wrong, I will punish them.”  Creator said, “They have free will to choose whatever experiences they need for their growth.  For all roads lead to me, the one.  In the greater context of their lives they will all soon know this.  I am a loving, caring Creator, I love humor, I love them to play, I love them to be happy, I love them to be joyous, I love them to be aware of the ties that connect them to all of their brothers and sisters.  For they are all family, they are all connected.” 

Fear has been the one thing that has made my children forget they were one.  Fear has caused them to be wary of one another, to blame one another, to maim one another, and to cause pain for others.  As a result fear is mirrored back to them and a circle of fear begins to surround all that they see, do or think. 

So you see dear ones, each of you has a path to honor.  Each of you has a purpose.  Each of you is connected to the One and each other.  The strands of love coming from Creator live within you.  All you need to do is recognize and share them.  Allow the static of unresolved issues that lie between you and another to be resolved.  Tune into the true flow of life.  Give space for everyone to live his or her life.   

We are your cheerleaders.  We are the Spiritual Knights of the Round Table, sitting in unity, sending love and understanding to all.  We will assist in once again reuniting you to your spirit.  We stand at the ready.  We love you. 

We are The Ancients .......

       Until the next moment.................


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