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The Four Sacred Paths to Spiritual Recovery


The 4 Sacred Paths to Spiritual Recovery will lead participants on their own journey, their own Sacred Path to Self-Discovery, Self-Realization and ultimately Self-Recovery. 

Each being enters life and is initiated into the history of their tribe, their own unique family, society’s rules, society’s regulations and a global consciousness, which begins to determine our journey.   Frequently we are expected to fit into someone else’s picture of who we are.  When this happens our perception of ourselves becomes distorted. We give up our wishes, hopes and dreams in order to fit into an image expected of us.  This ultimately creates a separation within us.  

This workshop will assist those attending to find themselves within, to establish a life built on bridging who they are within the context of community and creating an authentic sense of self.  This workshop will help those attending to find their own song, and listen to the music within their own souls.  Peace of mind and abundance follows.  One needs to experience themselves as whole beings in order for them to attract wholeness in every area of their lives.


4 Paths

1.  Awakening to Who You Are
    (uncover your full potential)

a.        How do you identify with your physical body?

b.      Where in your body do you hold past hurts?

c.       Who is your community and how do you support one another?

2. Self-Acceptance  (self empowering tools)

a. With each step they will be bridging and healing all experiences

3. Forgiveness  (understanding forgiveness.)

4. Walking Their Talk  (put into action living their truth)

a. The end result of the workshop will be to give them a clear picture of what recovery is, feels like and how to live it.

Group participation:

  1. Visualization

  2. Story Telling

  3. Handouts

  4. Music

For more information on classes, fees,
or to schedule one or more of these
classes in your area, please contact Shirley.

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