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Co-Creating a “One Family” 

Community, Country and World   

Please accept this invitation, from Shirley Catanzaro to become part of  a “One Family Gathering.”  The purpose of this gathering is to share ideas on creating a collective vision for our community, country and world, via emails, conferences, or gatherings. It is about showing up and making a difference however large or small.

The consciousness of the world has been shifting for some time now and the events of 9-11 have catapulted us into questioning our values, our truths and our responsibilities as a nation.  The shift has taken us from the "I" to the "WE", to the “Oneness” of all. 

As a member of three community groups, Celebrate Spirit, Mustard Seeds, and Women with Vision, I have come to realize that each group’s mission statement is quite similar, each looking to enhance the lives of all.  With this in mind, the idea of a greater vision encompassing all of humanity came to me.  There is a quote by Margaret Mead, "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world”.  Simply and yet profoundly said. 

Share your unique, numerous and diverse gifts with us.  Imagine what we can do as a collective body; Imagine how we can "Pay It Forward", by co-creating and fostering peace.  

Come join the One Family Gathering, please send your story on how you show up to



Shirley Catanzaro -