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Shirley Catanzaro

As a Global Citizen, in service to Creator, Great Spirit, God, and Humanity as a whole, my belief is that within each of us is that essence, that source, that force regardless of name, which unites and guides us.

My soul’s and sole purpose is to assist humankind’s journey back to their innate, inner source allowing our inner source to grow, and to open itself to infinite possibilities and choices. 

            My own journey brought me to the realization that we are here to express our Spirit through our physical existence, the tool by which we manifest.  One cannot exist on this earth plane without the other.  I have traversed many roads and those roads have led to many experiences, which have gifted me with the understanding of the significance of the integration of body and spirit.

            Raising 6 children was my true first experience at understanding the psyche of an individual.


             Each one of these children had their own truths, their own innovative view of life and I realized I wanted to seize the opportunity to listen and learn from each of these unique individuals, valuing their individuality and allowing us to coexist in a healthy productive way.  This experience was the greatest gift and the most powerful learning tool I could have ever received.  Learning to value one another without judgment was and is a powerful gift and has brought many rewards in my life both personally and professionally.  Today, in my Coaching and Spiritual Counseling work, I use this tool.  It is a part of my repertoire of tools for living.

            My first step was to integrate these initial tools for myself.  I needed to dig deep to find me, among all the family, societal, religious and global expectations, beliefs, rules, and legacies of fear brought forward to entrap one’s soul.  I studied and used all the resources available to help me understand.  I became a Minister, Hypno-therapist, Energy Practitioner, Spiritual Counselor, Teacher, Writer and Lecturer.  Thus my toolbox became more complete.  And yet I still searched.  The idea of Oneness was always uppermost in my mind.  I felt a pull and looked back toward my heritage as an American Indian of the Blackfoot tribe.  I was able to then understand why I felt estranged as a child as a ‘white person’ in a ‘white world’.  I came into contact with “Medicine People”, learned the connection of all things to their source and how “We Are All Related.”

            I will always be a student of life, learning to share my experiences, learning to bask in the beauty of each individual soul, and always, and in all ways being present to and in the moment, sharing oneness and love.  I experience the truth of me and in that vein I honor the truth of others.  I choose to add this following paragraph because I feel it is part of my biography, as it exists and lives with me every moment of my life.  To live in this world and not be responsible, to complain and not do something about it, would negate the rest of my story.

            Our world, especially since the events of September 11, has us questioning our very existence, survival and our future.  We were brought together on that day, human to human, rather than color, creed or religion.  We were a global family, praying and hurting together.  Yes, fear spread and we were caught in its throes and once again went to war.  Our oneness was shattered temporarily, however fear cannot exist if love prevails. Fear entraps the soul, it is full of expectations, it has no respect, fear drives with an iron fist and it takes no responsibility

            For my circle of life I choose love, for to love is to have no expectations of others, to love is to contribute, to be responsible, and have respect for self and others. 

             “What will we choose as a nation, Love or Fear”?  

With sincere gratefulness I wish to thank my children and the many individuals both present and in spirit who have shared their lives, their homes, their inspirations and love with me.  They have enhanced my journey and are the magnificent colorful threads in the tapestry of my life.

I wish also to express my gratitude to Melinda Hoehn for her permission to use her extraordinary fantasy graphics.  Her website can be viewed and enjoyed at:  http://www.lindysgraphics.net/  

To all the other beautiful beings who have shared their gifts of words and insights my grateful thanks.

We are all One Family, All One People of Earth.  




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