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The Touchstone Method

Live-in Family Observer
Workshop on Family Communications

Come learn how to create personal unity. The missing link in creating a healthy family life is the lack of "Communication". Everyone talks but no one listens. Each individual is seeking to have their needs met at some level, but how to accomplish this and still remain in tact is the question. 

Sometimes, old belief systems instilled from generations of family or societal realms, have not taught you how to value yourself. Without recognition of self, how can one recognize and value another totally without judgment? Defense mechanisms which have been inbred since childhood surface, making one react to another instead of truly hearing what the other person has to say.
Many times as a parent the only thing you seem to have control over is your children. You ask them to understand you, but because they are children you negate their input. They are expected do as they are told, just because you say it. 

Your homes are filled with TVís, computers, games, and each member of the family has their own criteria. Seldom do you sit together to truly create a sense of family. 

Shirley, for the first sessions is a mentor, assisting family members to share in a healthy way, to communicate to one another their feelings through the use of "The Touchstone Method", as well as other techniques to create family unity. Her unique way of creating a safe space for clients no matter what age, instills her to many. Please join Shirley and learn how to use her methods in all aspects of your life, from family to friends to employers or fellow employees. Listening is the key. 

Please email Shirley at:†delphian.7gen@cox.net

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Shirley Catanzaro - delphian.7gen@cox.net