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Woman of tapestried hues
Abundant in color and breath
Your red rocks course through our veins
Pulsating, healing, renewing
Your vastness expands our beings

Ancient memories are stirred
Reconnection to the atonement of body, mind and spirit
Tribal rites, drumbeats echo through our recollection
Native people with gentle and chiseled faces
Testimonies to the wind, sun and elements
Cultural rituals re-establishing association
Praying, giving thanks and honoring you

Winged creatures assisting us to once again soar
To release the structured bonds which keep us prisoners
Vast desert plains holding history in each grain of sand
Pine trees fragrant and tall, their purpose unquestioned
Clouds that blanket your skies, creating silhouettes
Encircling mountains, attesting to your magnificence
Allowing their shapes and beauty to instill flight

Sunrise and sunset each resplendent on their own
Colorful splendor spreading its table
Touching all in various hues

Arizona , southwest woman...I Greet the Passion of You

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