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The Earth Harmony Foundation

Cherish The Earth And Her Children. The Earth Harmony Foundation is a non-profit environmental, educational organization dedicated to promoting Earth Stewardship, the well-being of all children, peace and global harmony, utilizing music and the arts to preserve earth's pristine beauty for today's children and the children of the future. ......Join us for scenes of our murals, visions of our Eco-Parks and other artwork and information...

Harmony Haven 

Children’s Home....

The first seeds of Harmony Haven were planted high up in the beautiful mountains of Evergreen, Colorado by David and Judi Chase, who ran a Foster home for neglected and abused children. They saw first hand the emotional scars born by children who had never known the safety and nurturing of a permanent loving home. Their vision led them to design plans for Harmony Haven...a permanent home for orphaned drug babies who were born with special needs.

The first two children welcomed were twins Darius and Tisha. After the untimely murder of David Chase, Dov Gertzweig stepped in and offered the Foundation the use of a beautiful three bedroom home in Los Angeles. The next children to be welcomed were boys Sage and Sky.

The philosophy behind Harmony Haven includes communing with Nature through weekly hikes to the mountains, river and ocean, and time spent playing in the natural world, as well as musical expression, creative dance, yoga, exercise, painting and an healthy chiefly vegetarian diet. A support team of therapists, holistic and homeopathic doctors, nutritionists, chiropractors, ministers, creative arts teachers, and foundation volunteers have worked with the children and they have blossomed whilst dealing with their various challenges including autism, ADHD, ODD, in the womb drug exposure and reactive attachment disorder.

In 1996, to add to the interaction with nature, the Earth Harmony Foundation founders expanded the vision of Harmony Haven by purchasing a beautiful 3 bedroom summer vacation house for the children located in the Hawaiian tropical rainforest, near the thermally heated healing warm pools of Pu’alula. this environment has assisted the children’s healing, and is the basis for plans to purchase a 20 acre parcel for an eco-arts nature camp for underprivileged and special needs children in the future in memory of David Chase....

The foundation plans to expand by including many more children and staff into Harmony Haven in the future. We welcome donations of time, land or money to this beautiful vision.

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