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The pins.....

"We Are All One Family,

All One People of Earth"

Lianne Selzer's 

    Ground Zero Experience...

One day last fall, my friend and personal life consultant, Shirley Catanzaro, had an idea to develop a pin to deliver to Ground Zero and the Pentagon.  

I had the honor and privilege to travel to New York City with Shirley.  She had hundreds of buttons with her. She gave me some to carry and hand out.  As we traveled from Arizona to New York, she would strike up a conversation with total strangers and hand them a pin.  I felt intimidated and somewhat unworthy to do the same.

We rode the subway from uptown to the "wall" at St. Paul's Church in downtown Manhattan.  On our ride, Shirley was handing out pins.  As we walked to the "wall", she would stop and talk to the police and firemen and of course, give them a pin.  From this site, you could see the devastation of the Twin Towers.  It was the most spiritual, moving event of my life!  It was solemn, quiet among all the heavy machinery working to clear this disaster.  We hung a pin or two on the fence in front of St. Paul's and continued to hand them out to volunteers and the workers there.  

We then proceeded to the fire house by the waterfront that had lost 16 men.  We knocked on the door and were let in.  WE had the privilege of meeting the captain and to hear their story.  WE left 100 pins with him.  

I was amazed at the reception of the pins!  People thanked us over and over again and put them on immediately.  

We were able to stay in NYC for four beautiful days and each day we saw the sites of the city, and yet we continued handing out pins, told people the story behind them, that it merely was a gesture of love and caring from the people in Arizona.  We are all one family!

Since this trip, Shirley has received countless emails from people that received the pins from us or someone else.  You can again read some of the letters on Shirley's site.

Since this trip my life has changed drastically as well.  I view my time on earth very differently.  I have retired from Corporate America and I, along with Shirley and several others hope in the near future to open a rejuvenation center.  The Gathering Place - a rejuvenation center for mind, body and spirit.  I thank Creator for everyday I am allowed to wake up and smell the roses.  I have sold my home...downsizing!  I have a new thought process and have set new goals for myself...all based on a little pin and  what caused it!!

We have started a new story for the pins also.  WE are asking people like you to purchase 12 pins for one dollar each.  Wear one for an entire week and hand out the rest of friends and relatives and asking them to do the same, sharing the story with them.  Start a peace prayer circle.  

The Gathering Place has begun!  With no physical land or building yet, we are a mobile center and we can still begin the rejuvenation process for each of us!  It has to begin one individual at a time!

If you are interested in being a part of the Gathering Place project please email us and we will mail you the pins immediately.

Peace and love to all!

Lianne Selzer 

The Gathering Place  lselzer@hotmail.com  

Shirley Catanzaro  delphian.7gen@cox.net


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