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My journey as stated here throughout the pages of my website has been a miraculous one.  I have been blessed by Creator with so many wonderful people who have assisted my journey in one way or another.

First of all I thank Creator for my life, family, friends and mentors.  Remembering my own right relationship with Creator assisted me throughout the days, weeks, years and moments of my life.  My belief system stemmed of trust and being present comes from that knowledge.

The 6 beautiful children, Patti, Gail, Kim, Gregg, Jane and Michael, that chose to have me as their mother, are my most valuable assets.  Their honesty, their forgiveness of me during our rough times when i was angry and fearful of not being able to keep us together have strengthened me.  My grandchildren who love me just for me and have assisted me to heal emotional wounds of their parents.

All of the people who showed up to share their homes, their knowledge, themselves with me, as i began my ministry of peace, have made it possible for me to go forward.  So many people have helped my feet remain on my path.

Larry Chase, was one of my mentors, who believed in my work and me so strongly that it opened many doors for me.  Up until the moment of his passage from this life, he was there encouraging, supporting and mentoring me.  He also taught me how to use graphics.  Larry, you have blessed my life and will always be part of it.

To be continued............................for there are many more









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