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Divine Mother Mary’s Message for February 2003

 My dearest children,

 I greet you with much love and some reminders of what has been and what will be.  This is a time of great challenge and change in your evolution.  So much of the past has been built from fear and from the desire to conquer or extinguish that which you cannot control or contain.

 I have come to offer reminders.  It is no longer a time of pronouncements.  All that will be in your future lies in your hands.  All that you desire can be created.  Yet, all that you would choose is not without challenge, not without change, not without willingness and trials and errors.  You must find your way along a path that is still quite faint from the lack of travelers.  And yet, some have left you markers and signs and evidence that there is a trail to peace.

 Hearken back to the time of Gandhi.  Read again the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  They laid the foundation and blazed the first passes through stone walls of hatred and prejudice.  They both died for their sacrifices and yet they made them gladly, knowing that the world would not change without struggle and the forces that have held sway with power and greed do not go gently or without resistance.

 And here you are on the brink of yet another war, another time where the mighty choose to lay waste to a land and a people who are already enslaved and without promise.  I beseech you to learn a new way.  What is it that you fear?  Is it the terrorist who comes in the night to steal your sleep?  All of the alarms and walls and protection that you could wrap around you will not keep you safe.  Learn what he wants.  Learn why he comes to bomb and to maim and to murder.  What is it that he believes?

 At the heart of all conflict lies the wrongly held belief that it is your brother who keeps you from that which you seek.

 The future of the world will be determined by the vision that you hold.  If it is one of fear and domination, so your world will use the models of warfare and weaponry to control and contain.  Armed resistance will follow and there will be no peace.

 It is time for a new vision.  This is the vision that so many of you have held in your hearts, longing for a time and a place where this view of your earth can be made manifest.  I tell you my children; it is time.  This is the time to rewrite the story from “destroying an axis of evil” to “co-creating global community.”

 Write a new story with prayer.  Write a new story with peaceful gatherings.  Write a new story by listening compassionately to the wrongs that have been done and offering amends. Create viable ways to bring equality and healing to those who have suffered. Create new forms of energy and food that allow a sustainable earth.  Create this new story with peaceable means.  Create this new story by demonstrating with all of your words and thoughts and actions that you choose global harmony. 

 The way is already paved.  There are heroes who have gone before and now you must choose the path you came to blaze.  Many of you are teachers.  Many of you are healers.  Many of you are scientists and visionaries.  Each o f you have a part to play.

 Begin with a promise.  Promise yourself that you will offer your gifts to create a world of peace.  Then breathe that in and breathe out all thoughts of the past, of pain and terror and fear.  Breathe in light and ask that all that you need be brought to you that you may do what is yours to do.  And so it will be. 

 Do your part my precious ones and slowly and steadily the world will be painted with the new colors and the new designs that will allow all to live in peace and freedom.  You will know what and when and how as that is required.  For now, simply choose.  Which vision will you hold and what promise will you make?

 I send you great love and many blessings,

 Mother Mary

I wish to thank Samarah Delphyne for this Mary message.  You will find her link on the Links page.


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