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Silence The Drum of War  

George Emerson

 The great mass of humanity hopes and prays to live in peace and without fear, nevertheless the threat and terror of war continues unabated. 

Around the world nearly all humans espouse philosophies and religions built on doctrines of love, goodwill, and harmony, but hallowed foundations give way to the heinous brutality of combat. 

At hostility’s end, vows are made to never repeat the terrible loss of life and incalculable suffering, yet mothers and fathers grieve the war dead again.

 Weary and spent countries pledge to turn swords into plowshares, however bloody battles return to farmer’s fields of bounty.

 Why is it that war persists unceasingly even though it is so universally abhorred?

 Conflict creates opportunity, which begets gain for opportunists, the most amoral of whom manipulate conflict that leads to or is even calculated to cause war.

 Machiavellian and alpha male archetypes around the world fervently beat the drum of war to accomplish unspoken schemes and self-serving dreams.

 Conditioned populaces are fed propaganda and rhetoric that cycle between the extremes of oversimplification and gross complication, served as clever sound bites for easy consumption and little thought.

 And the explosive fuel of fear is purposefully pumped into an inferno of ethnocentric, dogmatic, and ideological discord.

 All the while, those who gain much from stoking deadly fires of turmoil steadfastly and secretly advance agendas for the consolidation of riches and dominion.

 Who would perfect and employ such devious and wicked methods?

 Before replying in sincere indignation, “No, that can’t happen here for our cause is just and leaders noble,” ponder the legacy of those who would send sons and daughters into harm's way to perpetrate unspeakable horrors.

 Refuse to be fooled; where the privileged dominate wealth and nations, popular beliefs are most often illusory.

 Expose the web of lies and two-faced actions typically obscured by false righteousness; hidden intentions are plainly betrayed by tangible patterns of obvious consequences.

 Wisely discern and avoid without exception those whose deeds are dominated by unbridled greed, secrecy, conflict, murder, and repression.

 How can brokers of death and anguish be marginalized and made ineffective?

 Silence forever the drum of war by perpetually celebrating and preserving the magnificent glory of life.

 Join and follow those demonstrating an honorable record of love, peace, compassion, equality, inclusion, harmony, and value of life.

 Dare to be intellectually honest, to challenge long held beliefs and the status quo, to choose wisely, and to act courageously.

 Most importantly and throughout the world, always follow the path of peace, tenaciously pursue the option of diplomacy, and forgive endlessly.

 Written by g hayden emerson

Editorial comments by grace imani, mike

steckel, arash boostani and helene emerson

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