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"The Ancients"

Painting copyrighted by Ann Rothan, artist
Painting copyrighted by Ann Rothan, artist & illustrator

We the Ancients, Welcome You........Blessings!

Dear Ones, we are here at the ready to assist you on your journey of remembrance.  Please take a moment before stepping through each Portal to open yourself to the information contained throughout this website.  

As you peruse the pages, you may have an "AHA", a moment of recognition, a validation of that which you already know.

A Spiritual evolution is taking place within the consciousness of all Humankind.  You have been shifting your vibration and creating a vortex of energy which is propelling you toward Unity.  

We here in the ethers are jubilant with anticipation.   As  Guides, Teachers, Masters and Angels, our purpose has been to instill within each of you, Remembrance of who you are.   The Real You, the You without the trappings of the past which has immobilized and separated you one from another.  

Every being, every creature, animate and inanimate is your relation.  The same breath that created you created them.  The absolute love that went into the blueprint of you, went into theirs also.  The intricacy of each atom which surrounds you, that creates matter, weaves you together.  You are all part and parcel of the Grand Design, that of absolute love.  

If you could know this at your cellular level, you would remember all.  It is simple.  That is it.  

As you allow your awareness to enfold all that exists, as the recollection filters through to your God self, you will realize that you are One Being, each a piece of one another.  

You seek to define the indefinable.  Your wish is to reach Nirvana, to wear the God Ring, and we share with you that you have reached Nirvana,  that you always have worn the God Ring.

So dear ones, enter our Portals, and refresh yourselves.  

We are The Ancients....

        Until our next moment....


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I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Sanar Alixandyr for writing and singing the song of "Wisdom of The Ancients".  Engineered and mixed by Robert Lang at Big Bug Sound, Phoenix, October, 2002



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