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When Is “Enough” Enough

Enough! Basta! Vale! Whatever language we use, how do we define “enough.”  

Until I was able to understand “enough” as both a word and a concept, I was trapped in a state of lack – not thin enough, not attractive enough, not young enough, not enough money, not enough food, not enough love, not enough “stuff.”  

When you never have enough, you never stop chasing after the transitory things that we think we need to make us happy and complete.  There’s always something more that we seek, so we are always in a state of yearning—suspended in mid-air—can’t reach the top and unable to step down.  Success or defeat.  No way out.  

But I found the way.  Through the grace of Spirit and through the guidance of a dear friend, the word “enough” appeared for me to contemplate.  

As I journeyed back through my past years, I came to realize that I never seemed to be enough to satisfy just me: not the perfect daughter to be enough for my mother, not the perfect partner to be enough for my husband, not perfect enough to be the best mother to my children (I was a single mother so I had to be even more than enough--a double job), not enough money to keep up, not the perfect boss/co-worker/leader/employee, whatever AND I had an imperfect body, to boot.  

I was always striving to be better, do better and to be enough for everyone and everything in my life. Never reaching a goal because I could not define what was “enough” for me.  

Then the dawn—clarity delivered by Spirit.  I AM ENOUGH. A simple statement that I truly and finally understood and accepted.  As long as I am enough for ME, I have enough of what I need in my life.  

I retired from my job when I sat down with pencil and paper and saw how much money I had saved, acquired, and I realized that I had enough money to live on.  

So, I applied the same process to my body: I said “I’m big enough.”  My weight had provided the power—and protection—I needed, but now I felt powerful enough within me to begin to release what I no longer needed.  

 I can now bless my body and thank the weight for getting me though these years and giving me the protection I needed to fight the good battle of my life and my  choices; but, now I can move on because I AM ENOUGH.  

I’ve had enough, done enough, acquired enough with “it” and now I can release it and give it peace and rest.  The weight did it’s job and now it can retire.  I can go it alone with less of me physically because I am enough and have enough spiritually to go forward.  

Here’s what I know for sure: I may not be enough to some people and I may be too much for others, but I know I AM ENOUGH FOR ME.

Marianne Petrillo

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